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Half Turkey

Half Turkey

Average 10 - 13 pounds
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 11.5 lb.

Pasture Raised Whole Turkey for the Holidays

Our family has been raising Thanksgiving turkeys for nearly a decade. Every year, our production increases as demand for these high quality, ethically raised, truly delicious turkeys also increases. We offer a variety of sizes to meet your family's needs, discounted pricing for early purchases and convenient home delivery throughout the Midwest, including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Which Size Turkey Should I Order?

The general rule of thumb is to estimate about 1 1/2 - 2 pounds per person. We recommend erring on the higher side to ensure you have plenty for your guests, and some leftovers, too! We have some great tips on keeping leftovers, here.

So if you're having 10 people, you can look for at least a 15 pound turkey, though we would recommend going a little higher, just to be sure.

Do you offer Fresh Turkeys?

We do not offer fresh turkeys. All turkeys are delivered frozen and contain no added salt, water, or fillers.

Thawing Your Turkey

Turkeys take approximately 24 hours for every 5 pounds to thaw. To thaw, set in a large pan in the fridge for the time described (24 hours/5 pounds). For a 15 pound turkey, that is about 3 days. For a 23 pound turkey, that is about 5 days. Be sure to order your turkey early so you have time to thaw it!

How to Cook a Pasture Raised Turkey

Pasture raised turkeys take less time to cook than a store bought turkey because it has no added water, salt, or fillers. With less time, you'll enjoy a beautiful, tender, and flavorful holiday bird. You can review our recipe for cooking a pasture raised turkey here.

How Our Turkeys are Raised

Our turkeys are regeneratively raised and rotationally grazed, moving every few days on pasture. While on pasture, they also receive a free choice non-GMO grain from our local mill in Brodhead. They are humanely raised with constant access to the outdooors, water, food, and shelter, and they are protected by our livestock guardian dog to keep them safe from predators. You can see, for yourself in this 5 minute video, how we raise our pastured turkeys here.


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