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1 pound package
$9.50/lb. Avg. 1lb .
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Braunschewiger is a perfect topping for crackers, saltines, and toast. Our braunschweiger comes in 1 pound chubs and are ready to eat!

Please note - this product DOES contain nitrates, unlike the rest of our products. This is to maintain the integrity of the product by the processor's policy.

"Ordered Ground Chuck, chicken breast and some Braunschweiger (for my husband)... I asked him what he thought, and he said "It was VERY good!" I asked how it compared to what I bought in the store, and he said 'there is no comparison'- much better!" - Tina P. from Google Reviews


Pork liver, pork, water, salt, sure gel, dextrose, mustard, sugar, onion powder, spices extractives, natural smoke flavoring and sodium nitrite. (are only product with nitrites)