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Big Ocean Box

Big Ocean Box

Featuring 17 portions - Best Variety
Best Variety!
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One of our all time best sellers! Plus, it ships free!

The big ocean bundle brings you a swift taste of the sea! Salmon, sablefish, and halibut deliver great variety at a great price. King salmon and sablefish for date night, halibut or coho salmon for weeknight dinner. There's a little bit of everything, for everyone.

All packages are 6 oz portions.

3 Packages of King Salmon

4 Packages of Sockeye Salmon

3 Packages of Coho Salmon

3 Packages of Keta Salmon

2 Packages of Sablefish (Black Cod)

2 Packages of Halibut

Baking Salmon from Frozen

Steaming Salmon from Frozen

Cooking Sablefish (Black Cod) from Frozen

Cooking Halibut from Frozen