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Sheepskin - BW74

Sheepskin - BW74

By Driftless Tannery
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A one of a kind, truly unique artisan piece, this sheepskin was naturally tanned by our trusted friends at Driftless Tannery.

Our former product manager, Bethany, left her role with us to pursue this important business full time with her co-owners and we are extremely proud of her. It's an honor to bring this sheep's beauty full circle with the crafted preservation of it's hide and careful hand work by Bethany and her team.

Because our sheep are hair sheep, this hide has short, smooth laying fur. The largest of our sheepskins, this hide boasts a beautiful white background, accented by large black markings. It's smooth layout, beautiful pattern, and spacious size would make it a perfect rug!

This hide lies at 44" long by 34" wide. It does have two minor cuts on the left side and bottom trim of the hide that are just barely visible on the front.


Naturally tanned from our 100% grass-fed sheep