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Simple Sampler Box (no spicy flavors)

Simple Sampler Box (no spicy flavors)

1 Grand Cru + 1 Prairie Sunset + 1 Loukanika + 1 Sauc Sec + 1 Finn
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Enjoy this sampler of our newest line of charcuterie, brought to you in partnership with Driftless Provisions of Viroqua and Alp and Dell cheese store in Monroe.

This sampler includes:

1 Saucisson Sec (2 oz each)

1 Finnochiona (2 oz each)

1 Loukanika (2 oz each)

1 Original Grand Cru cheese wedge (8 oz)

1 Prairie Sunset cheese wedge (8 oz)

Makes the perfect gift or party board tray!

Tips for creating your own charcuterie board:

Add fruit! Grapes, apple slices, apricots, craisins, pears, etc. help compliment the salty flavors of the sausage.

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pecans add well to the mix, too.

Crackers and jams are also great additions!

Have fun! Charcuterie boards are a fun way to share tasty snacks with elegance at parties, gatherings, date nights, and more. Be creative and don't worry about the details! Charcuterie boards are beautiful in many different ways. :)