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Economy Bundle

Economy Bundle

NEW! Perfect for families
Budget friendly!
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This bundle is built from the heart, truly. We know that times are hard and we know what it's like to live on a budget. We wanted to be able to offer a bundle that helped keep your freezer, family, and wallet full. 

The items in this bundle are some of our family's favorites; the ones that we have relied on to keep our growing kids happy, healthy, and strong, even when money is tight.

This bundle not only offers a family friendly variety, but it's also priced at $165 to ensure it qualifies for FREE shipping on home delivery. Give it a try! We think you'll like it.

**Bundle contents may vary slightly based on individual product availability**

1 Package of Bacon Ends
1 Package of Center-cut Ham Steak
1 Package Italian Sausage Links
1 Package of Bulk Breakfast Sausage
1 Package of Breakfast Sausage Links
2 Packages of Ground Pork
1 Boneless Top Sirloin Steak
1 Cube Steak
2 Packages of Beef Stew Meat
4 Packages of Ground Beef
1 Package of 1/4 Pound Beef Burger Patties
1 Whole Chicken

Watch this video to learn more about the contents of this bundle!