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The Story of Anastasia

March 6, 2019

I realize that many of you haven’t heard the story of how I joined the Riemer clan, and so, I figure now is as good a time as any to come out and share the story with you all, and to truly introduce myself.

Hi. My name is Anastasia and I’m entirely me - wacky in every way, as Jen said. 

I’m a farmer and a forester, I’m a sister and a daughter. I’m a helper and a friend. I love to hike and cook, teach and write. Nothing steals my heart like the serenity of a sunset or the wonder of a tree (or the sweetness of a sheep)!


I came to the Riemer family and Green County after being connected by a good college friend, who helped me discover my dream of farming. Originally from Fond du Lac County, I grew up in the country and always longed to work outside, but wasn’t sure how. I knew I loved nature and I knew I loved farming, but I wasn’t sure how to bridge the two.

My friend taught me much about “regenerative farming”; how to farm in a way that helped build up the land and protect the environment. He eventually introduced me to Bryce and Jen over an on farm fence building event, and we connected well.

My path crossed with Riemers’ intermittently over the years as I came to help on our friend’s farm and at one of those meetings, Bryce and Elli jokingly offered up the spare room in their house to me. I laughed it off at the time, not knowing what I was missing out on.


By last year, I had moved to the area to work on my friend’s farm, but needed a place to stay. Remembering Bryce and Elli’s previous offer, I reached out to Jen and asked if I could take them up on it. I was sure I would only stay with them for a few weeks until I could find an apartment or something, but those weeks quickly fell away as I quickly fell in love with the Riemer family and they, me.

It wasn’t long before the girls started calling me sister and their first step to rope me into the family forever was to help them plan a surprise birthday party for Bryce and Jen. They were successful in all aspects of their plan...

sisters.JPGAs you can see, I've gained a few sisters over the last year, too. :)

The good memories just kept on from there, and it wasn’t long before Jen and Bryce asked me to join the farm team as their “millennial” aka marketer, tech support, customer support, and social media representative, in this case. I gladly accepted as my other job phased out, and I soon decided to stay for the school year, too, as I turned from roommate to friend to homeschool helper to family.

The journey hasn't stopped there. I've now moved into my own place, working full time at Riemer Family Farm and l have no plans to leave anytime soon. This family, this farm, and this place is exactly where life intended me to be and I’m loving every minute of it. 

Thank you for being part of this journey and for welcoming me. I look forward to other adventures yet to come! 

Thanks for reading! :)


Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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